HELP About sound card [Conexant AC-Link 2 Channel Audio] :)

Ivan B. Serezhkin ivan at
Tue Nov 28 12:13:23 UTC 2006

L O wrote:
> is there someone can help me about this.... thanks :)
> 1.i installed 6.1 freebsd release
> 2.first i run kldload snd_driver and get my sound drier information is 
> snd_ich
> 3.i add device sound,device snd_ich to kernel ,build it and install it.
> 4.startx to gnome, i found i can't get any voice from my notebook(SUCH
> AS PLAY A MP3 BY XMMS),the volume control->file->change device shows :
> "unknow volume control 0(OSS MIXER)".
> 5.there 's no dsp folder in my /dev.
Freebsd after RELENGG_5 uses devfs.
And if you load driver after system starts you must build corresponding 
device nodes (man devfs man devd)

on kernel loading phase you haven't properly identify your audiocard 
codec id:
pcm0: <Unknown AC97 Codec (id = 0x43585431)>
This means, that this card recognized as ac97, but have new, unmanaged 
id (0x43585431)
Device id 0x435854 is connexant, lets look, what connexant audio devices 
supported in RELENG_6:
ivan:/usr/src/sys/dev/sound/pcm$ grep 4358 ac97.c
        { 0x43585400, "Conexant" },
        { 0x43585421, 0x00, 0, "HSD11246",      0 },
        { 0x43585428, 0x07, 0, "CX20468",       0 },
        { 0x43585430, 0x00, 0, "CX20468-21",    0 },

try add in /usr/src/sys/dev/sound/pcm/ac97.c
in structure
static struct ac97_codecid ac97codecid[] = {
{ 0x43585431, 0x00, 0, "CHIPNAME",    0 },

Recompile kernel, restart and look at dmesg.
If device recognozed - try to load corresponding modules.

Ivan B. Serezhkin

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