PVR250 hanging

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at FreeBSD.org
Wed Nov 22 22:13:21 UTC 2006

On Wednesday, 22 November 2006 at 16:51:41 -0500, Randy Pratt wrote:

You'll probably get more response if you send this to -questions.

> I've been trying to get my PVR250 card working using
> FreeBSD 6.2-PRERELEASE (sources from about a week ago) but I've ran
> into some difficulties.
> ...
> I did notice this in the output of "ps" after ctrl-c the test:
> # ps -auxww | grep cxm
> root     826  0.0  0.0     0     8  ??  WL    4:33PM   0:00.00 [irq19: cxm0]

I don't see anything obvious there; do you?

> I've had several freezes/hangs where the system is unresponsive and
> keyboard won't accept input forcing a power recycling and fsck.

This seems more than just cxm, then.

In general, if you're seeing this kind of behaviour, the output of
'ps l' is of interest.  The WMCHAN field gives information about where
(and maybe how) the process is waiting.

When I get access to our PVR 250 later today, I'll compare some of
your other data.

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