PVR250 hanging

Randy Pratt bsd-unix at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 22 21:51:49 UTC 2006

I've been trying to get my PVR250 card working using
FreeBSD 6.2-PRERELEASE (sources from about a week ago) but I've ran
into some difficulties.

I've rebuilt the kernel with the patches and devices and do:

	# kldload cxm_iic
	# kldload cxm

kldstat shows the modules loaded:

Id Refs Address    Size     Name
 1   15 0xc0400000 70896c   kernel
 2    1 0xc0b09000 61d4     snd_via8233.ko
 3    2 0xc0b10000 22614    sound.ko
 4    1 0xc0b33000 5c318    acpi.ko
 5    1 0xc4ec1000 17000    linux.ko
 6    1 0xc4faf000 2000     blank_saver.ko
 7    2 0xc51ab000 3000     cxm_iic.ko
 8    1 0xc51ae000 8e000    cxm.ko

and dmesg shows:

cxm0: <Conexant iTVC16 MPEG Coder> mem 0xd8000000-0xdbffffff irq 19 at device 11.0 on pci0 
cxm_iic0: <Conexant iTVC15 / iTVC16 I2C controller> on cxm0
iicbb0: <I2C bit-banging driver> on cxm_iic0
iicbus0: <Philips I2C bus> on iicbb0 master-only
cxm0: LG Innotek TAPC-H701F tuner
cxm0: SAA7115 rev 1 video decoder
cxm0: MSP3445G-B8 audio decoder
cxm0: IR Remote
cxm0: encoder firmware version 0x2050032

Finally, pciconf -lv gives me:
cxm0 at pci0:11:0: class=0x040000 card=0x40090070 chip=0x00164444 rev=0x01 hdr=0x00
    vendor   = 'Conexant Inc (Was: Globespan, ICompression Inc)'
    device   = 'iTVC16/CX23416 MPEG Codec'
    class    = multimedia
    subclass = video

# pvr250-setchannel -m 1  (using US NTSC broadcast for testing)
# pvr250-setchannel 11  (There is a strong local channel 11)
ioctl( tfd, TVTUNER_SETCHNL ) failed.: Invalid argument

The dmesg now has an entry of:
cxm0: video decoder failed to lock

If I repeat the commands, then it "seems" to accept it:
# pvr250-setchannel -m 1
# pvr250-setchannel 11

Do the pvr250-setchannel commands have to be done in some specific
order?  I'm flailing around with this and searching the archives
doesn't seem to turn up anything definitive.

I proceed on to a test:
# cat /dev/cxm0 > foo.mpg

the file (foo.mpg) will only get so large and stop growing.  I've
also tried "mplayer /dev/cxm0" and only get a little of tv
before it quits.  I did notice this in the output of "ps" after
ctrl-c the test:

# ps -auxww | grep cxm
root     826  0.0  0.0     0     8  ??  WL    4:33PM   0:00.00 [irq19: cxm0]

I've had several freezes/hangs where the system is unresponsive
and keyboard won't accept input forcing a power recycling and fsck.

The pvr250 card is working under win so the card is functional.

Any suggestions on things to try or tests I can do to find what
the problem is? (or is it me?)

Any clues would be much appreciated.



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