PC speaker could wake the dead

Stefan Lambrev stefan.lambrev at sun-fish.com
Thu Nov 16 08:32:02 UTC 2006


put in /etc/rc.conf
allscreens_kbdflags="-b visual"

run as root `kbdcontrol -b visual`if you do not want to reboot :)

for X I'm using kde's konsole and it have setting to make the bell 
visual too.

or cut the cable of the speaker ;)

Doug Barton wrote:
> Howdy,
> Since y'all were so helpful with the last question ....
> My PC speaker on my new laptop is SO INCREDIBLY LOUD. Is there any way
> to quiet the thing down, or mute it altogether? The speaker control in
> the mixer does no good at all, with or without the speaker kld loaded.
> Thanks,
> Doug

Best Wishes,
Stefan Lambrev
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