new HDA driver and 6.2?

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Sat Nov 11 14:16:57 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-11-10 at 23:07 -0800, Julian Elischer wrote:
> Ariff Abdullah wrote:
> > On Tue, 07 Nov 2006 02:45:06 -0800
> > Julian Elischer <julian at> wrote:
> >> Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> >>> Quoting Ariff Abdullah <ariff at> (from Tue, 7 Nov 2006 
> >>> 17:18:09 +0800):
> >>>
> >>>> On Tue, 07 Nov 2006 00:39:26 -0800
> >>>> Julian Elischer <julian at> wrote:
> >>>>> Will the HD driver be MFC'd before or after 6.2?
> >>>>>
> >>>> I couldn't tell yet. How about voting for this?
> >>> Is it ready already? I thought there's a lot missing (recording?).
> >>> I  would expect a lot of support mails appearing for the not
> >>> working parts  (more than we get for "no HDA support, please
> >>> help").
> > Nothing missing. Recording works just fine. The only problem is with
> > specific recording source (mic/line) and that only represent 5% of
> > all working hda out there. On most codecs (conexant, most adxxxx,
> > alcxxx, most stac), everything works as expected.
> > 
> >> I guess that's the big question..
> >>
> > 
> > My take is, this driver won't make its way into RELENG_6 at all.
> I'll push for having it in as soon as possible even 6.2, if it
> doesn't change the other drivers.
> If there are further changes to the framework then they can happen after 6.2

The release had been blocked due to the problems with em(4) but as of a
day or so ago we are now un-blocked on that issue.  Since that had been
the one thing viewed as a show-stopper and the release cycle has already
dragged on a fair bit longer than expected we'll be moving into the
Release Candidate stage very quickly, and the chances of something like
this making it into 6.2 are very small I'm afraid.

If well tested patches against RELENG_6 can be made within the next
couple of days and as long as they are very self-contained (don't wind
up touching other drivers much if at all) we'll consider letting it into
RELENG_6 before we branch for the release but it might be best to just
let this slide for 6.2 and MFC it after the release.  Like I said above
we've already slipped the release schedule a fair bit, if it hadn't been
for a handful of big problems we would have released already and this
stuff would have come along too late anyway.  :-)

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