Google Summer of Code project: Syncing the OSS API

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Wed May 31 09:43:01 UTC 2006


I'm happy to announce that one of the Google Summer of Code students  
we got is working on syncing our implementation of the OSS API with  
the updated API of the official open sound system from 4Front  
Technologies. Welcome Ryan!

Mainly this provides a new mixer API which is better suited for  
current soundcards. Some more details can be found at  

I will commit milestones to current from time to time and announce  
calls for help here accordingly. For each milestone we will need some  
feedback from all of you how it works in your daily useof the sound  
system. Additionaly we may need some more specific reports about some  
behavior, but this will be announced in the call for help.

I hope a lot of testers will participate to let "our" student enjoy  
his Summer of Code and make it an experience he will remember well for  
a long time.


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