HDA Driver Update

Stephane E. Potvin sepotvin at videotron.ca
Wed May 31 02:13:48 UTC 2006

A new version of the current state of my work is now available at the
following address:


As the previous version, this one doesn't do anything useful yet. Major
changes since the last time are the integration of the hda bus probing
into the newbus framework. Two drivers are now included: hdac which is
the driver for the hda controller/bus and stel which will become the pcm
driver for the SigmaTel hda device. I decided to collapse the controller
and bus into a single driver as it quickly became a mess as they both
required access to some part of the hda controller.

I currently only have the vendor/device ids for the SigmaTel device I'm
using so if people who knows what device they have could send me the
output of the "devinfo -rv" command along with the model of the hda
device I'll add them to the stel driver.


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