Call for testing: emu10kx driver for Creative sound cards

David Nugent davidn at
Mon May 29 17:47:52 PDT 2006

Conrad J. Sabatier wrote:
> Yes, I wish I understood device driver programming better (i.e., better
> than "not at all" :-).  I would gladly volunteer to take this over.
> I've got a nice Yamaha synth (keyboard) sitting here just gathering
> dust since I quit using Windows altogether (used to use it with
> Cakewalk).  I considered switching over to one of the Linux distros just
> to be able to make use of it, but I just can't bring myself to part
> with my beloved FreeBSD.  :-)

I'm in the same situation, except I do reluctantly use Gentoo Linux at 
home just so that I can run hydrogen, rosegarden and a few other useful 
ALSA client apps.

I'm hoping one day that the Not-Invented-Here syndrome will go away and 
other OS's don't have to track unnecessary and unportable APIs. Is it 
just me or does ALSA actually offer non-trivial advantages over more 
portable (OSS) sound interfaces? If so, I haven't seen them.

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