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Ádám Szilveszter sziszi at
Mon May 29 01:42:42 PDT 2006

Hello Sandor,

Sandor Z Nemeth írta:
> Hi,
> I tried to install "ekiga" (former "gnomemeeting") from ports on
> FreeBSD
> 6.0. A needed dependency for it is "avahi". However, "avahi" is in
> conflict with "howl" which needs to be deinstalled (I am talled that
> this
> is because the two programs install files in the same place). This is
> really bad
> since "howl" is needed for the following installed packages:


> Does anybody know how to solve this conflict?

I think that you will need to recompile your gnome desktop so that the
ports that used to depend on howl will now pick up the avahi
dependency instead.

Best regards,


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