Call for testing: emu10kx driver for Creative sound cards

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Tue May 23 22:16:05 UTC 2006

Warner Losh wrote:
> This is what I'm thinking of adding to the sysctl.8 man page.  Please
> let me know if there's a better place for it.  This is indented to be
> the initial proposal for sysctl use by drivers, so if the results of
> discussions change it, I'll update.

This seems to be a good starting point, in that the convention seems 
reasonable and unsurprising.  It might be nice to have some discussion 
of API stability and the process for depreciating stable interfaces 
somewhere, but that probably belongs in the Handbook or perhaps in intro(9).

Please check spelling:

> + permanant unless they are documented in the driver's man page.
> + Names which start with _ denote a tree or node which is considered
> + impermanant and should not be relied up by code elsewhere in the



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