Call for testing: emu10kx driver for Creative sound cards

Andresen, Jason jandrese at
Tue May 23 09:18:35 PDT 2006

I ran some tests with my SB Live! Value last night.

Results:  Sound volume is very low as per your comment.  If I turn the
mixer all the way up I can get an acceptable sound level out of it, but
"loud" is right out.  Honestly, I was expecting it to be low like the
old emu10kx driver, but it appears to be even lower than that.
Compared to Windows the sound volume is extremely low.

The last ~600ms of the sound is still cut off.  Short sounds don't play
at all.  I'm not sure this is a sound driver issue because it's
persisted across three different revisions of the driver now (the
emu10k1 in the kernel, existing emu10kx in the ports, and your
experimental emu10kx port).  There have been various workarounds for
this problem, but none of them ever seem to make it into the sources

Sound quality is excellent.  I'm not hearing any crackling or popping
or anything to suggest any misplaced bits.  I don't have rear speakers
attached to my system however, so that part remains untested.  My card
doesn't have SPDIF support AFAIK.  

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