emu10k1 Sound driver hard locks on FreeBSD 6.1 release

Norberto Meijome freebsd at meijome.net
Thu May 11 16:10:58 UTC 2006

On Thu, 11 May 2006 12:25:54 +0400
"Yuriy Tsibizov" <Yuriy.Tsibizov at gfk.ru> wrote:

> Robert, 
> 1. Does your sound card share interrupt with something else?

Hi Yuriy & list ,
I have Thinkpad Z60m with an Intel High Definition Audio (ICH6). OSS drivers
(3944a) generate panics almost every time right away with "non-maskable
interrupt trap" (I have a full kernel dump if interested).

I have read many emails of people with similar problems, but I havent
found any solution. I suspect it is caused to the card sharing IRQs with
something else, but since there is no driver attached to the snd card,
pciconf / scanpci / dmesg / vmstat show no IRQ assigned to it. 

My question is, what is the right procedure to debug this ? (keeping in mind
that I have no experience debugging kernel nor the time to learn right
now :-( .

( and, IS there any way to get sound on this thing?)

I'm running 6.1-STABLE

I've started a tedious process of changing the PCI IRQ settings in the BIOS and
mapping what sections of the pci bus are affected by each change, but havent
been able to find what touches pci:27:0 (the one the Intel HDA is attached to).

thanks in advance for your time,

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