Sound and microphone with Skype

Dumitru Vulcanov vulcan at
Fri May 5 14:49:53 UTC 2006

Dear Ariff and FreeBSD friends

> As I said, "100" is too much for *everything*. You need to reset
> everything to 0 or 2, then start increase it bit by bit. This is
> true especially for mix, rec, line, igain, phin, etc. than involve
> input level control.

Well I've spend some time now to try this. Nothing, the same. Actually I 
tested my skype with echo123 service I think 30 times. The same terrible
sound like a bear mumbling....

> Please be patient. Sometimes I had to work within hostile environment
> either because of lack of time (pretty much rare, since I devoting
> everything towards sound improvement), and mostly because of lack of
> hardwares that require me to do blindfold deaf ninjutsu hack.

Take your time, no problem, I can understand this, as I am doing the same 
in another field. For the moment if I need to use skype on my laptop i 
turn off the FreeBSD and start the WinXP partiton, this is life. At the
office I am happy having a PC with via sound card which now works fine
with skype. I had an ideea : which exactly files are needed to fix for the
necesarry modules, maye I can compare the vorking via files with csa 
ones... I could try !

>> As I am smoker, I need maybe a large reserve of tobacco for my pipe
>> !?
> Then, share with me :)

OK !!! It seems you neet it.

Thanks a lot, I feel good when I can share my FreeBSD experiences with 
those more specialists !

Mitica Vulcanov (FreeBSD user for already 10 years !!!)

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