Sound and microphone with Skype

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Wed May 3 14:09:27 UTC 2006

Quoting Dumitru Vulcanov <vulcan at> (from Wed, 3 May 2006  
15:14:27 +0300 (EEST)):

> I am fighting from long time with sound on Skype. It turns out that on 6.1
> version was fixed so I was waiting with impacience to work well. I was

Yes, your problem should be fixed with 6.1.

> I tryied everything I was able to find on net, including the hint in
> device.hints : hint.pcm.0.buffersize=65536 .... I am getting crazy
> about this ! Please can anybody help me ? maybe another ThinkPad user ?

If you use 6.0-release, you could have a look at and read the text at the bottom to  
choose the right patch. This will put the sound system from 6.1 into  


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