choosing a TV Tuner

Danny Pansters danny at
Sun Jun 25 22:31:51 UTC 2006

On Sunday 25 June 2006 11:48, Roman Bogorodskiy wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm going to buy some TV tuner. The nearest store has the following
> models:
> 	- AverMedia TV/FM Studio (307, 505, 507)

saa driver. 20 euros, cheap and good enough.

> 	- BEHOLDER TV/FM Studio (403/405, 409)

saa driver

> 	- RoverMedia TV Link Pro FM (P34RF)

don't know, might be bktr

> Which one if these is the best in terms of working on FreeBSD?

A bktr based one, because that's what most people have, though saa might 
produce a nicer image (and they are much more prevalent on the retailer 
shelves these days I think).

> Roman Bogorodskiy

Saa driver: (or try multimedia/kbtv). It has some problems though, 
most notably some tuner types (Philips MK, the one I have) can't find their 
(former) frequency back after my box has been shut down (not rebooted but 
shut down), and I need to tune it to some channel in Linux first. It's a 
known problem, related to signal detection. I'm (slowly) looking into finding 
a way to solve this in kbtv.



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