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> Current FreeBSD problem reports
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> S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> f [2005/10/04] ports/86899 multimedia  multimedia/mjpegtools -  
> lavplay/glav clai

Dunno, know nothing about mjpegtools stuff.

> o [2006/06/07] ports/98626 multimedia  [PATCH] Port multimedia/vnc does  
> not comp

I personal don't support FreeBSD 4.x and it addes a few of patch files, so  
I perfer to close this PR with comment to tell him submit this patch to  
the VLC bugzilla. Unless, anyone have any insterest to take care of this?  

> o [2006/06/16] ports/99015 multimedia  [patch]  
> multimedia/gstreamer-plugins80: b
> o [2006/06/16] ports/99018 multimedia  [patch]  
> audio/gstreamer-plugins-faad: fix
> o [2006/06/19] ports/99149 multimedia  [PATCH] audio/speex-devel:  
> portlint(1) fi

Took care of that three PRs, closed.


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