multimedia/pwcbsd, mplive and audio

Heiko Recktenwald uzs106 at
Tue Jun 13 01:28:33 UTC 2006

Solved it myself,
> FBSD 6.1, multimedia/pwcbsd, patch for multimedia/mpeg4ip, mp4live 
> runs fine, 
Great to have v4l for mp4live on FreeBSD.

> Audio works via the soundcard, /dev/dsp0.0, but I dont know how to 
> setup the internal microphone of the camera.

mixer -f /dev/mixer1

and /dev/dsp1.0.

There are pcm and mic in mixer1, dont know what it means, both to 100,
mic is recsrc, it works.

But notice: it did not work with snd_uaudio in MYKERNEL, pwcbsd did not
load properly or whatever, dont remember, had to put it into loader.conf.


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