HDA sound driver mod for thinkpad x60s

Maxime Guillaud bsd-ports at mguillaud.net
Fri Jun 9 16:34:21 UTC 2006

It seems to load properly on my Acer Aspire 1641 (see the details 
-dmesg, etc.- here: http://www.mguillaud.net/acer1641/FreeBSD/ ).

This machine has a Intel 82801F chipset, I attach the diff to have it 
properly identified.
However, although applications seem to be able to play sound now, 
nothing can be heard at the output. I seem to recall that these chipsets 
need to be unmuted upon startup, which might be the solution here.

I'll try to have a look into the HDA spec 
(http://www.intel.com/standards/hdaudio/) about this muting issue...
Thanks for your work !

Andrea Bittau wrote:
> this is an ultra crude mod of Stephane's hdac driver.  It allows me to play
> music [and change the volume; w00t!] on my ibm x60s laptop.  I posted it in case
> anyone wanted a 0day sound driver for this laptop without having to wait until a
> stable and proper version comes out.
> Doesn't support recording.  I'll probably do that next if no one writes
> something in the near future.
> Stephane: if you are interested in me helping out with the "mainstream" driver,
> let me know.  My time is very limited [you can tell by reading the code] but I
> have all the info I need about this card in my head now, so I might be able to
> produce something useful.
> [I'm not subscribed to the list---email me directly if you need to contact me.]
> Driver:
> fetch http://darkircop.org/hdac.tgz
> tar zxvf hdac.tgz
> cd dev
> make
> kldload ./hdac.ko
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--- sys/dev/hdac/hdac.c.orig	Fri Jun  9 18:18:07 2006
+++ sys/dev/hdac/hdac.c	Fri Jun  9 18:19:14 2006
@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@
 #define INTEL_VENDORID	0x8086
+#define INTEL_82801F	0x2668
 #define INTEL_82801G	0x27d8
@@ -62,6 +63,8 @@
 	uint16_t	vendor;
 	char		*description;
 } hdac_devices[] = {
+	    "Intel 82801F High Definition Audio Controller" },
 	    "Intel 82801G High Definition Audio Controller" }

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