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Wed Jun 7 01:37:31 UTC 2006

On Wed, 7 Jun 2006, Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:

> On Tue, 06 Jun 2006 16:45:04 -0300 (ADT)
> "Marc G. Fournier" <scrappy at> wrote:
>> The big issue that I have, and even had on my Windows box, that is
>> preventing me from make more use of it then to make calls out, is
>> getting speakers to co-exist with my headset ... basically, unless I
>> have the headset on, there is no way to hear it ringing ...
> This part I don't know about. In my testing (not Skype) on a laptop
> with both internal and USB speakers, I could get them to co-exist
> nicely, and with well-behaved programs (for some values of
> "well-behaved" at least) I could select which audio device (eg. dsp0,
> dsp1, etc) to use.
> AFAIR, Skype only lets you select one audio device, and will use that
> for all it's sound output, both ringing tone and voice output. This is
> clearly not what everybody wants, and I would love to be proven wrong
> here.

Actually, there are settings for Audio In, Audio Out, and Ringing ...

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