PCTV 310e support

Anish Mistry amistry at am-productions.biz
Tue Jun 6 19:01:27 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 06 June 2006 13:26, Gregory Nou wrote:
> Hi,
> I bought recently a PCTV 310e, which uses USB-2. After reading
> carefully bktr manpage, I saw that "The bktr driver provides
> support for PCI video capture", which is bad news.
> Does somebody know if it is possible to add some (even dirty) hack
> to make bktr work with USB cards ?
I don't think so.  You best bet for getting it working would be get a 
hold of the communication protocol/datasheet for the device that says 
how you're supposed to talk to the device.  At that point it 
shouldn't be too hard to write a userland driver to interface with 
ugen.  If you are able to get that information, let me know I might 
just buy one of those just to write a driver :).

Anish Mistry
amistry at am-productions.biz
AM Productions http://am-productions.biz/
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