Status of HDA driver

Jonathan Stewart jonathan at
Sat Aug 5 19:26:47 UTC 2006

I've been following the development of the HDA driver with a great deal of
interest over the past few months as I would prefer a native solution over
using the 4front drivers as I currently do.  I've tried several different
versions of the driver but the only one that actually worked for me was
from Daniel Eischen at The
driver works fine using mplayer or akodeplay but does not work when trying
to use arts or the xine engine in amarok.

I was wondering if anyone was still actually working on the HDA driver or
if everyone had gotten too busy.  I'm willing to help with testing and can
provide shell access if it would help.  I can give root privileges if
really needed or collaborate over IM.  I know the bare basics of C but
after a quick glance at the driver it is well over my head.

Looking forward to native HDA of FreeBSD,

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