kern/64879: [sound] [hang] 4.9 freezes when I try to get the ICH3compatible sound card working

Alejandro Valenzuela Roca lanjoe9 at
Tue Sep 20 18:38:43 PDT 2005

FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE still has that problem.

It is NOT a problem anymore since FreeBSD 5.4 JULY snapshot, it was
corrected there, it was a problem caused by the fact that the computer
could not be started without setting the "hw.pci.enable_io_modes" flag
to 0. Since that was corrected in 5.4 July snapshot, the flag is not
needed anymore and the sound card works too. In fact, the whole computer
is a lot more stable.

Thank you for your interest and sorry for taking such a long time to

Alejandro Valenzuela
"Los ñoños conducen la electridad"

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