As promised: Soft volume mixer controller

Ariff Abdullah skywizard at
Sun Sep 18 17:01:30 PDT 2005

On Mon, 19 Sep 2005 01:11:12 +0200
Torfinn Ingolfsen <torfinn.ingolfsen at> wrote:
> After patch:
> ---------------
> i don't know, the patch applied fine (I did a "find . -name '*.rej'
> -print"), but my 'make buildkernel ...' failed.
> See attached text file for (the last parts of) error messages.
> What did I do wrong?

rm -rf /usr/src/sys/dev/sound /usr/src/sys/modules/sound/sound
rm -f /usr/src/sys/conf/files /usr/src/sys/sys/soundcard.h

.. and re'cvsup. You need to do this everytime you run cvsup,
unless you do the reverse patch procedure. Also, please disable extra
optimization (if any) and make sure there are no old object files laying
around in your obj directory (notably

Hope that helps.


Ariff Abdullah
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