As promised: Soft volume mixer controller

Ariff Abdullah skywizard at
Tue Sep 13 16:28:13 PDT 2005

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005 07:58:35 +0800
Ariff Abdullah <skywizard at> wrote:
> As promised (last week?), here is soft volume mixer controller to
> control pcm volume. This is rather a long Lost Technology rather than
> a new feature because FEEDER_VOLUME already defined/existed as old as
> I can remember (only the implementation part missing, thus, a Lost
> Technology, bleh..).
> For -CURRENT/HEAD (make sure your src up to date with recent commit):
> For RELENG_5:
> Target audience:
> 1) AC97 CMI9738(?), CMI9739(?), CMI9761 (these codecs come without
>    hardware/codec pcm volume controller although the register
>    responded during probing).
> 2) usbaudio without pcm volume controller.
> 3) Anything. Tell me. Other than the above, this probably need special
>    treatment.
> Note on giving feedback: Please include (before / after applying
> patch):-
> 1) dmesg | grep pcm
> 2) output of /usr/sbin/mixer
> 3) pciconf -lv (only those multimedia/audio part)
I forgot to mention that I need the output of uname -a as well.


I've uploaded latest revision (037softvol), fix for few silly mistake.
Use that instead:




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