As promised: Soft volume mixer controller

Ariff Abdullah skywizard at
Mon Sep 12 16:57:57 PDT 2005

As promised (last week?), here is soft volume mixer controller to
control pcm volume. This is rather a long Lost Technology rather than a
new feature because FEEDER_VOLUME already defined/existed as old as I
can remember (only the implementation part missing, thus, a Lost
Technology, bleh..).

For -CURRENT/HEAD (make sure your src up to date with recent commit):


Target audience:
1) AC97 CMI9738(?), CMI9739(?), CMI9761 (these codecs come without
   hardware/codec pcm volume controller although the register responded
   during probing).
2) usbaudio without pcm volume controller.
3) Anything. Tell me. Other than the above, this probably need special

Note on giving feedback: Please include (before / after applying
1) dmesg | grep pcm
2) output of /usr/sbin/mixer
3) pciconf -lv (only those multimedia/audio part)


Ariff Abdullah
MyBSD (IPv6/IPv4) (IPv6/IPv4) (IPv6/IPv4)

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