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Critical problems
Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
f [2002/01/04] kern/33532  multimedia  [sound] Playing audio on some soundcards 
f [2002/02/26] kern/35351  multimedia  [sound] emu10k1: no posibility to record 
f [2002/07/02] kern/40122  multimedia  [sound] Device pcm stopps booting Kernel 
f [2002/08/29] kern/42173  multimedia  [sound] Sony VAIO FXA 53 (or FXA 679 in M
f [2003/04/23] kern/51308  multimedia  [sound] Creative SB32 doesn't work under 
f [2003/04/24] kern/51338  multimedia  [sound] [hang] system hangs randomly beca
f [2003/07/21] kern/54705  multimedia  [sound] codec timeout during read of regi
f [2003/10/02] kern/57487  multimedia  [sound] [patch] Sound stops working on my
f [2004/02/08] kern/62519  multimedia  [sound] Intel ICH4 (82801DB) sound card d
f [2004/03/29] kern/64879  multimedia  [sound] [hang] 4.9 freezes when I try to 
f [2004/10/08] kern/72439  multimedia  [sound] Sound not functioning for VIA_823
f [2004/10/15] kern/72738  multimedia  [sound] pcm0:play:0: play interrupt timeo
f [2004/11/16] kern/73987  multimedia  [sound] Nforce2 MB sound problem
o [2004/12/31] kern/75687  multimedia  [patch] [sound] No sound on PC which is i
o [2005/04/14] kern/79905  multimedia  [sound] sis7018 sound module problem
f [2005/04/17] kern/80041  multimedia  [sound] snd_via8233 does not support VIA8
o [2005/05/17] kern/81146  multimedia  [sound] Sound isn't working AT ALL for Si
o [2005/06/08] kern/82043  multimedia  [sound] snd_emu10k1 - mixer does not work

18 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2000/07/30] kern/20297  multimedia  [sound] [patch] Joystick is not enabled w
f [2001/02/26] kern/25386  multimedia  [sound] Incorrect mixer registers (line &
f [2001/04/09] kern/26454  multimedia  [sound] mixer volume settings on Maestro-
f [2001/07/18] kern/29067  multimedia  [sound] Yamaha OPL3Sa2 pcm/pnp stops play
f [2001/07/30] kern/29312  multimedia  [sound] Using mixer on pcm misbehaves wit
f [2001/10/21] kern/31398  multimedia  [sound] newpcm does not play back the tai
f [2001/10/27] kern/31521  multimedia  [sound] pcm0 plays too fast on Intel 8280
f [2002/02/14] kern/34942  multimedia  [sound] Attempt to play -> "pcm0: play in
o [2002/04/30] kern/37600  multimedia  [sound] [partial patch] t4dwave drive doe
f [2002/05/02] kern/37657  multimedia  [sound] /dev/dsp and /dev/audio skip the 
o [2002/07/03] kern/40132  multimedia  [sound] [patch] enabling the joystick int
f [2002/07/23] kern/40927  multimedia  [sound] Acer Labs M5451 dies with pcm:pla
f [2002/08/09] kern/41490  multimedia  [sound] C-Media 8738 sound card static
f [2002/08/17] kern/41743  multimedia  [sound] No sound from SiS630s controller
f [2002/09/08] kern/42564  multimedia  [sound] record bug with emu10k1 driver
f [2002/09/10] kern/42638  multimedia  [sound] CS4326/4327 (MSS) buggy output pl
f [2003/01/20] kern/47243  multimedia  [sound] Onboard CMedia CMI8738 playback n
f [2003/01/22] kern/47352  multimedia  [sound] pcm/ac'97, dsp device busy
f [2003/02/16] kern/48338  multimedia  [sound] pcm audio driver hogs /dev/dsp?.?
o [2003/04/18] kern/51145  multimedia  [sound] Audio Slows during Heavy I/O
o [2003/06/17] kern/53417  multimedia  [sound] Bad Recordings on AC97 onboard au
o [2003/07/03] kern/54049  multimedia  [sound] Sound driver reports device busy 
o [2003/07/03] kern/54078  multimedia  [sound] Sound Plays ~10% Slow [4.8]
o [2003/12/26] kern/60599  multimedia  [sound] [partial patch] No sound for ATI 
o [2003/12/30] kern/60737  multimedia  [sound] Sound card Turtle Beach Santa Cru
o [2003/12/31] kern/60761  multimedia  [sound] pcm performance on emu10k1 driver
o [2004/02/15] kern/62862  multimedia  [sound] [patch] fix pcm vchans related cr
o [2004/02/22] kern/63204  multimedia  [sound] /dev/mixer broken with ESS Maestr
o [2004/03/10] kern/64040  multimedia  [sound] crackling sound on 5.2.1-RELEASE 
o [2004/05/09] kern/66422  multimedia  [sound] [patch] no sound on modern Sony V
o [2004/05/14] kern/66642  multimedia  [sound] pcm0: play: 0: play interrupt tim
o [2004/06/19] kern/68122  multimedia  [sound] Device busy (/dev/dsp)- insane, n
o [2004/06/30] kern/68515  multimedia  [sound] sound card noise (ES1938, 5.0)
o [2004/07/04] kern/68665  multimedia  [sound] pcm doesn't detect Realtek ac97 o
a [2004/07/19] kern/69283  multimedia  [sound] Via 8233 driver records at half s
s [2004/08/23] kern/70852  multimedia  [sound] via82xx PCM driver does not enabl
o [2004/09/30] kern/72218  multimedia  [sound] audio recording broken with emu10
o [2004/10/01] kern/72221  multimedia  [sound] emu10k1 stereo channels are rever
o [2004/10/19] kern/72887  multimedia  [sound] emu10k1: sound lag
o [2004/10/22] kern/72995  multimedia  [sound] Intel ICH2 (82801BA) - sound near
o [2004/10/25] kern/73098  multimedia  [sound] Scan rate of sound card shifts wh
f [2004/12/09] kern/74893  multimedia  [patch] [sound] Channels of USB audio can
o [2004/12/20] kern/75316  multimedia  [patch] [sound] Enable to select a record
o [2005/01/06] kern/75894  multimedia  [sound] AD1981 not probing (shuttle ST62K
o [2005/01/08] kern/75969  multimedia  [patch] [sound] Support for Sigmatel STAC
o [2005/01/31] kern/76918  multimedia  [sound] ATI AD1981 AC'97 Audio Controller
o [2005/04/01] kern/79427  multimedia  [sound] No sound on Compaq Armada 100S la
o [2005/04/03] kern/79498  multimedia  [sound] sndfile-play (and many other play
o [2005/04/08] kern/79678  multimedia  [sound] sound works except recording from
o [2005/04/20] kern/80147  multimedia  [patch] [panic] with the vibra16x when tr
o [2005/04/20] kern/80149  multimedia  problems with an soundblaster-8 (original
o [2005/04/20] kern/80151  multimedia  [patch] [sound] Missing ESS ES1688 PCI-ID
o [2005/04/20] kern/80152  multimedia  [patch] [sound] SIMPLEX flag is not set p
o [2005/04/22] kern/80234  multimedia  [patch] [sound] add entry for Analog Devi
o [2005/04/29] kern/80465  multimedia  [sound] pcm0:record:0: record interrupt t
o [2005/05/05] kern/80632  multimedia  pcm driver missing support for CMI8738 au
o [2005/05/09] kern/80824  multimedia  [sound] kldunload can't unload sound.ko
o [2005/05/14] kern/81013  multimedia  [patch] Intel ICH3 sound chip reverts to 
o [2005/05/17] kern/81170  multimedia  [sound] /dev/mixer misbehavior with enson
o [2005/05/28] kern/81599  multimedia  [sound] Via VT1612A Audio not working wel
o [2005/07/29] kern/84311  multimedia  [sound] 82801FB/FR/FW/FRW Intel High Defi
o [2005/08/02] kern/84471  multimedia  [sound][patch] no sound ICH4 (Analog Devi
o [2005/08/03] kern/84507  multimedia  [sound] fm801: Not every card supports va
o [2005/09/11] kern/85964  multimedia  [sound] Can't play 24 bit audio (Audigy 2

64 problems total.

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