snd_via8233 - no volume control

Tom Norris tom at
Sun Sep 4 11:23:51 PDT 2005

Ariff Abdullah wrote:
> This probably will take some time. Current sound driver doesn't have
> 'soft volume' to control volume attenuation through software and
> unfortunately, your sound codec (CMI 9761) doesn't have its
> volume controller. Fortunately, basic infrastructure (feeder) to
> implement this already exist and hopefully will not cause much radical
> changes.
> Hopefully I (or anybody) will have enough time to implement this within
> this week.

I'm wondering if CMI9761 is similar to CMI9739A.  I'm having the very 
same problem.  I'm using kldload snd_ich to load the kernel module, 
could that be the problem?

(normally I would include dmesg | grep pcm0 and all that fun stuff, but 
I'm booted into windows at the moment :X)


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