[Recommendation] graphicscard (agp) for FreeBSD

Anish Mistry mistry.7 at osu.edu
Tue Nov 29 23:28:07 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 29 November 2005 02:44 pm, Gordon Bergling wrote:
> * Thus spake Sascha Klauder (sklauder at trimind.de):
> > On Tue, Nov 29, 2005 at 07:06:56PM +0100, Gordon Bergling wrote:
> > > I am building a new workstation. Most hardware was just
> > > ordered, but I am still need a good supported graphicscard for
> > > FreeBSD.
> > >
> > > Can anyone recommend a graphicscard based on AGP, which should
> > > be support TV-Out.
> >
> >  That heavily depends on what you want to do with it.  If you
> > just do 2D, DVD-playback and the like, I would recommend a
> > Matrox G450 or G550 card.  They feature superb image quality,
> > are completely supported (TV-output worked when I last used
> > one two years ago) and well documented, and even their OpenGL
> > performance is sufficient for at least xscreensaver.
> I have seen these cards on Ebay for 5 Euro. That whould be a nice
> price. ;)
> I doesn't want to play actually games, yet. I whould to use my
> computer to play video via the tv-out. Thats the main capacity that
> the card should support under FreeBSD.
> >  If you need 3D/OpenGL performance, get an NVidia card.  They
> > have native drivers (binary-only though), which are quite stable.
> > ATI Radeon cards are nice too, but I'd bad luck with DRI drivers
> > recently.
> I also have considered NVidida based card, but I am not sure
> whether the tv-out port (svideo) is working on FreeBSD.
The S-VIDEO out works fine on my Geforce2 MX.  The Nvidia FreeBSD 
drivers should be on par with the Linux ones with the same version 
number.  I'm pretty sure all the functions of the card work even for 
the new models.

Anish Mistry
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