Oliver Lehmann lehmann at
Sat Nov 26 11:38:12 GMT 2005


I purchased a Logitech Cordless Desktop S510 but the Scrollwheel does not
work in xorg. I added the same options I used 2001 with XFree86 on an
other system with a "normal" scrollmouse:

Section "InputDevice"
# Identifier and driver
    Identifier  "Mouse1"
    Driver      "mouse"
    Option "Protocol"       "auto"
    Option "Device"         "/dev/psm0"
    Option "Resolution"     "100"
    Option "ChordMiddle"
    Option "Buttons"        "5"
    Option "ZAxisMapping"   "4 5"

But It just doesn't work. The Scrollwheel also has a left/right function
but the receiver generates standard left-arrow/right-arrow keycode out of
them and sent them to the keyboard-port. (checked with xev)
When I use the scrollwheel in xev I don't get anything printed out.

(**) Option "Protocol" "auto"
(**) Mouse1: Device: "/dev/psm0"
(**) Mouse1: Protocol: "auto"
(**) Option "CorePointer"
(**) Mouse1: Core Pointer
(**) Option "Device" "/dev/psm0"
(**) Option "Buttons" "5"
(==) Mouse1: Emulate3Buttons, Emulate3Timeout: 50
(**) Option "ChordMiddle"
(**) Mouse1: ChordMiddle
(**) Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
(**) Mouse1: ZAxisMapping: buttons 4 and 5
(**) Mouse1: Buttons: 5
(**) Option "Resolution" "100"
(**) Mouse1: Resolution: 100
(II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Mouse1" (type: MOUSE)
(II) Mouse1: SetupAuto: hw.iftype is 3, hw.model is 0
(II) Mouse1: SetupAuto: protocol is SysMouse

(I also tried forcing Emulate3Buttons to "no")

Any ideas how to get the scrollwheel working?

 Oliver Lehmann

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