Transcode with bktr+oss problem

Jacob Meuser jakemsr at
Sat Nov 26 05:51:45 GMT 2005

On Fri, Nov 25, 2005 at 01:18:31PM +0100, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> Nicolas Blais <nb_root at> wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >With the recent upgrade to transcode-1.0.1_1 with oss support, I tried to
> >record a tv show like so:
> >
> >transcode -i /dev/bktr0 -x bktr=norm=ntsc:vsource=tuner:asource=tuner,null 
                           ^^                                            ^^^^
> >-g
> >640x480 -y ffmpeg -F mpeg4 -o out
> >
> >It correctly records the video but no sound (yet I can hear it).
> >(asource=external/internal tested too).

yes, because you are telling transcode to ignore audio input.

> >So I also tried this:
> >
> >transcode -i /dev/bktr0 -x bktr=norm=ntsc:vsource=tuner:asource=tuner,oss 
> >-g
> >640x480 -y ffmpeg -F mpeg4 -o out
> >
> >which will correctly load the module but exit(1) on me.
> >
> >transcode v1.0.1 (C) 2001-2003 Thomas Oestreich, 2003-2004 T. Bitterberg
> >SNDCTL_DSP_SETFMT: Inappropriate ioctl for device
> >[transcode] auto-probing source /dev/bktr0 (failed)
> I don't have a bktr card, but it looks to me as transcode tries to open the
> vide input as an audio device. This seems to be wrong if I understand the
> handling of bktr correctly.

yes, that's what it does, because the only input defined is /dev/bktr0.

you have to use the -p switch to specify an alternate audio input file.

> >My bktr's sound-out is connected to my sound card's Line In (as with most
> >WinTVs like mine).
> I assume you have to specify your soundcard instead of the tuner in
> "asource".

no, this is right, assuming the OP wants to record both video and
audio from the tuner.

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