uaudio question

Kazuhito HONDA kazuhito at
Fri Nov 25 19:32:48 GMT 2005

From: Artem Ignatiev <zazubrik at>
Subject: Re: uaudio question
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 17:53:23 +0300

> Dunno. ;-)
> just doing
> while(1) { read(dev_dsp_fd, buf, BUFSZ); write(dev_dsp_fd, buf,  
> BUFSZ); }
> gives 2 (sometimes 3, depends on BUFSZ, I've used values 4000, 8000,  
> 16000) second lag, than it begins to plays sounds that were recorded  
> 2 secs (or 3) ago.

I see.  But I don't know what cause your problem.
I haven't found any codes which may cause it in uaudio*.[hc].
However, I can't say any explicit demonstration.
It might comes from low-level USB system of FreeBSD, perhaps.

I made a mistake that full-duplex didn't work.
But it eased me that it worked even though it had the problem.

Sincerely yours,
Kazuhito HONDA

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