HEADS UP: Incoming support ATI IXP 150/200/250/300/400 AC97 - snd_atiixp

Ariff Abdullah ariff at FreeBSD.org
Mon Nov 21 14:22:32 GMT 2005


Grab your Acer Ferrari 4000+ or Compaq m2000z or toaster or whatever
with "used to" unsupported ATI IXP audio soundchip, format the drive,
install FreeBSD 5 or 6 or -current, and get your long lost patch from:


Whats new:
        ATI IXP 150/200/250/300/400 AC97 pcm driver - snd_atiixp

        16bit playback / recording
        Native 32bit playback
        (sysctl hw.snd.pcm<unit>.vchans=0 ;
               mplayer -af resample=48000:0:0,format=s32le ..)

Whats not (or more polite, _TODO_):
        Support for more than 2 channels
        Suspend / Resume
        Native 32bit recording seems broken, but hey, 16bit ought to  
        be enough for anybody :)

Ariff Abdullah
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