Which TV cards do send the audio data via PCI?

Frank J. Beckmann frank at barda.agala.net
Fri Nov 18 16:22:31 GMT 2005


am Freitag, 18. November 2005 16:51 schrieb Arne WXrner:
> --- "Frank J. Beckmann" <frank at barda.agala.net> wrote:
> > That sounds interesting. Which aplications work with
> > that card?
> The PVR 250 interface is quite simple:
> 1. pvr250-setchannel - to set the channel
> 2. pvr250-setsize - to set the screen size (720x576, 352x288)
> 3. dd if=/dev/cxm0 of=tv.mpg ibs=1m obs=1m

I guess mplayer could be used for watching TV.

> I worte a little script, that helps scheduling the recording (via
> at) and manages the recording (on my old box are some odds and
> edges: NIC usage should be reduced during recording and sometimes
> dd gets no more data).
> I attached that script. I dont know, if it needs a license... If
> yes, then it shall hereby be the BSD license or so...

Thank you very much.

The sad thing is that the driver (multimedia/pvr250) doesn't compile under 
FreeBSD 6.0. Just tried it. :-(

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