uaudio question

Artem Ignatiev zazubrik at
Fri Nov 18 15:12:43 GMT 2005

I have nice USB handset (y at p phone), which is capable of 8000 samples/ 
sec of SFMT_16_LE.
Works nice under linux and mac os X, but I can't get it completely  
working under FreeBSD.

I'm using CURRENT of about week ago.
I can get this device working as full-duplex with these settings:

now I'm able to do things like
dd if=/dev/urandom  of=/dev/dsp0.0 & dd if=/dev/dsp0.0 of=somefile  
bs=8000 &

after that, somefile contains whatever I say in mic and muted noises  
of /dev/urandom being played through speaker.

using /dev/dsp0.0 for input and /dev/dsp0.1 for output in one process  
produces nothing.
Are there any patches or other tricks that I could test to make  
device working with, eg. ohphone?

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