DRI with Xinerama?

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Wed Nov 16 19:02:53 GMT 2005


I've used a cheap radeon 9250 and 2 crt monitors configured configured as
"stretched desktop" via xinerama. DRI was enabled.
I now replaced one of the monitors with a TFT and will replace the 2nd
one end of the week with a TFT too. Since my AGP card only got 1 DVI
port, I've to attach the 2nd TFT to the VGA port. I'm not sure how big
the difference will be (1280*1024 res. 4m VGA cable). If it is to bad I'm
thinking of purchasing a 2nd card (PCI) with a DVI-out. 
I'm unsure if I'll still have DRI then when I use xinerama with 2 devices
or not? Right now my radeon is only one device inside xorg.conf. The
system I had in very past was equiped with a Matrox G400-DH which had no
support for DRI if xinerama was used.I'm using on both screens the same

Does that still apply? (no DRI with xinerama) 

 Oliver Lehmann

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