external sound card under FreeBSD 5.4

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Tue Nov 15 10:25:43 GMT 2005

Ariff Abdullah <skywizard at MyBSD.org.my> wrote:

>> Ariff's patchset contains a backport of the current sound code and
>> it is known to work.
> Unfortunately I don't think I've ever touch uaudio code except the
> addition of feeder_volume part. It seems that there are a lot of
> uaudio differences between -current and releng_5, which even the
> patchset do not address.

Ugh... I have to admin I never looked at yout 5.x patchset, since I don't
have any 5.x system with sound hardware (at least it's not used there). I
was under the impression, that you backported all the changes...

So what does your patchset contain, only your changes to the sound code, or
changes which you where able to verify?

> Since I do not have any usb audio hardware, I couldn't tell if blind
> fold backporting is worth a try for me.

I think you can determine from the cvs history if parts need to get
backported or not.


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