external sound card under FreeBSD 5.4

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Tue Nov 15 08:38:36 GMT 2005

Kazuhito HONDA <kazuhito at ph.noda.tus.ac.jp> wrote:

> It must be true.  The version of uaudio.c in RELENG_5_4 is
> This differs by only one line from uadio.c of 1.7.
> 1.7 uaudio.c is 3 years old.
> On the other hand, the version of uaudio.c
> in RELENG_5 (stable branch) is,
> and this differs by over 2,000 lines from in RELENG_5_4.
> uaudio_pcm.c and uaudio.h are slimiar to that.

Yes, there are a lot of your changes MFCed, but it's not up-to-date. I
searched through cvsweb for the fix which removed the allocation of DMAable
buffers and uses plain malloc()ed buffers. I haven't found it at a first
glance, but I don't think it's MFCed. And without this change the uaudio
device will not attach.

Ariff's patchset contains a backport of the current sound code and it is
known to work.


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