To whom it concerns: kbtv-alpha3 uploaded

Danny Pansters danny at
Mon Nov 7 16:22:42 PST 2005

I think now sysctl settings are respected properly (even if set wrong, there's 
no way to verify if they are set right or if they even work as overrides) and 
added code to hopefully make the frequency scan detect properly if the upper 
most signal value should be taken as a valid station or not.

Steve: I haven't looked into your sound problem much. Hope to be able to do 
that next, once this works. I'll go up to version alpha848 if I ahve to :)

General new insight: channelset vs frequencies doesn't seem to be an issue at 
all. Sorry for the noise discussing this. Neither is the format/norm AFAICT.

Thanks very much for testing and anyone who wants to try it out is very 
welcome to do so (at worst I may ask strange questions and for you to run 
strange commands ;-)! 

Sometimes it looks like nothing works but I have faith that in the end 
everything's going to work out alright. It's hard if you don't have the 
hardware nor the signal to test with and see how it behaves (and how it 
should be set up, both may be different every time every place).


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