Available for testing: Kbtv -- KDE TV viewer for bktr

Jacob Meuser jakemsr at jakemsr.com
Fri Nov 4 00:45:46 PST 2005

On Tue, Nov 01, 2005 at 01:03:21AM +0000, Danny Pansters wrote:
> Hi all,
> If you have a bktr based TV or capture card and are using KDE on FreeBSD 5, 6, 
> or 7 I'd like to invite you to try out Kbtv. It is a small and simple TV 
> viewing app written mostly in python. Uses PyKDE for GUI and mplayer for 
> rendering.

"small and simple" with mplayer + KDE + python?

is that a joke?

http://www.jakemsr.com/bsdav/ is what I call small and simple ;)

although, tunerctl probably doesn't work right on FreeBSD because
bktr does some stupid stuff (unnecessarily mute/unmute and reset
internal variables on open()/close()).  that was changed in OpenBSD:


notes on btcontrol:
- channels can go above 99. often TVs in US go to 128 or so.
- frequency range is more like 608-14240, not 0-999
- BT848_SATUMAX != BT848_SATVMAX, and these don't really scale
  to 0-100.  look at how fxtv (or tunerctl) does these.
- BT848_(S,G)AUDIO is both AUDIO_[UN]MUTE and
  AUDIO_(TUNER,EXTERN,INTERN) at the same time.
- missing some headers, like sys/ioctl.h, stdio.h, unistd.h ...
- perror() takes a const char *, not a format string.
- you really shouldn't let it segfault with "btcontrol get".
- OpenBSD uses the same bt8xx.h as NetBSD, but /dev/tuner0 instead
  of /dev/tuner, which is hardcoded.
- "btcontrol get <anything>" prints nothing?  even if it did print
  something, it would probably be incorrect, due to the above mentioned
  silly behaviour of bktr.
- why in the world is it allowed to (attempt to) set the pixel format?
  this surely either does not work or will cause a crash!  this
  should only be done by the program that is reading the data,
  and it _CANNOT_ be done in the middle of a capture!!!

oh, and the mplayer port/package for OpenBSD does not include the
bsdbt848 "driver" because, well, it sucks royal eggs.

<jakemsr at jakemsr.com>

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