[ >K82-=:FT79:'(HIGH) ] Re: maestro3 mpsafe patch

Norikatsu Shigemura nork at FreeBSD.org
Mon May 16 07:21:13 PDT 2005

On Mon, 16 May 2005 11:02:16 +0900
Pyun YongHyeon <yongari at rndsoft.co.kr> wrote:
>  > 	So I confirmed yongari's patch for mpsafe maestro3(4)
>  > 	with playing xmms or mplayer,  But I don't know effectiveness
>  > 	of it.  Becuase I didn't contact a panic after and before
>  > 	applying it.
> Thanks for your report. This is the one I like to hear.
> (it didn't break :))


> Can you compare system loads with/without the patch?
> For example, extracting large size tarred file(e.g. mozilla) while
> playing audio samples or playing multiple channels simultaneously.

	Ah!  Yes, I felt that the noise decreased with the patch.
	That's too COOL!!

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