maestro3 mpsafe patch

Scott Long scottl at
Mon May 9 01:18:43 PDT 2005

Pyun YongHyeon wrote:
> Here is patch for mpsafe maestro3(4). 
> There is one known LOR in module unload. But the LOR complaint
> message is misleading since it's not legal to grab sx lock while
> holding mutex. I think the fix would be hard without cleaning up
> many parts of audio subsystem. But the complaint would be harmless
> if sndstat is not accessed during module unload.
> The patch was tested on an old notebook. Becasue the notebook is UP
> machine I had no chance to run the patch on real SMP hardware. :(
> The patch is available at:
> Feedbacks are welcome.

I have an Allegro-1 PCI card that I can stick into an SMP machine.  I'll
give it a try next week when I return from BSDCan.  Thanks a lot for
looking at this!


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