New ffmpeg CVS versions

Jacob Meuser jakemsr at
Mon May 2 23:44:19 PDT 2005

On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 01:35:47AM -0300, Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira wrote:
> Hi,
> 	Latest ffmpeg official release happened a long time ago.
> However, the CVS version has been evolving VERY fast. Lots of fixes
> and brand new features.

yeah, especially for amd64, and 64-bit archs in general as positive
fallout.  that's why the OpenBSD port is back to using snapshots ;)

> 	I have just wrote a sample of the possible final ffmpeg-devel
> CVS port. I would like feedback on what could be improved or if
> there are some bugs left on the port. Specially from users of
> architectures other than i386.
> 	Side effects, Michael Johnson <ahze at> has found
> a few "drawbacks" which will be probably fixed by the time you read
> this email. Both vlc and mplayer have some problems with a52 symbols
> but probably adding -la52 to their build chains should work. That's
> ahze's suggestion :)
> 	IPV6 support seems to be broken but I won't have a IPV6
> kernel box until tomorrow night so I hope someone has a fix before
> that.
> 	Please, test the bktr(4) grabbing code if you can because
> that's the main part I had no way to test it.
> 	Also, I did not test to the correct places to set fPIC and fPIE
> so if some kind soul does it before I can reach my computer in
> 19 hours; I'll really appreciate it. Please try submitting patches
> alongside your suggestions but do not refrain just because you do
> not have a patch handy.
> 	This is all about improving both the accuracy and the speed
> of ffmpeg playback.
> 	There are 2 versions of the ffmpeg-devel port:
> 1 - build and works
> port		-> ffmpeg-cvs-20050427.tar.gz
> distfile	-> ffmpeg-devel-20050427.tar.gz
> 2 - does not build, it breaks when trying to build the bktr(4)
>     grabbing code. I'll appreciate help fixing it
> port		-> ffmpeg-cvs-20050502.tar.gz
> distfile	-> ffmpeg-devel-20050502.tar.gz
> 	Instructions, fetch the distfiles and place them into
> /usr/ports/distfiles. Then extract the ports at the place of your
> convenience and try building them.
> 	Bear in mind, that installing these ports might compromise
> the stability of vlc, mplayer and some other ports dependent
> on ffmpeg.
> 	However, I might say that it is ALL working for me.
> ps: Try ffplay instead of mplayer and tell me what you think about
> both of them.

IMO, ffplay is always the preferred playback testing tool.  i've
seen mplayer stutter on stuff ffplay (an others) played smoothly.

> pss: As long as we are here, what about adding ring buffering (video
> and time) support to bktr(4) ffmpeg. It should automatically escalate
> spinoffs like mplayer, xine, gstreamer, vlc... just to name a few.
> Not a small thing to consider. also, try to convince the ffmpeg
> "council" to add our grab code to the cvs once in for all. :)

indeed, there should be bktr support in FFmpeg CVS.  I was thinking
about asking Steve for his OK, since it's his code, to submit it
to ffmpeg-devel, along with the necessary configure/Makefile changes.

I've been toying around with buffers, etc, in my bktr capture toys
( but am still awaiting that moment
of clarity when it all clicks together in a nice _simple_ manner.

<jakemsr at>

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