ripping cd's

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sun May 1 20:47:47 PDT 2005

I am rather amazed that the video work on my amd64 box is going to 
remarkably well.  The sound works digitally across 5.1  channels, and 
what's more, it looks like all of k3b's functions (at least to the point 
I understand them) are all working.  All completely without any reliance 
whatsoever upon x86 compatibility.  It's all done with native-built 
ports, no packages.

Anyhow, I have acidrip working well, and I've ripped a dvd.  This is 
that dvd from a few weeks ago, its' got region==2, and it's in PAL, so I 
want to set it up in some format that plays in my friend's old dvd 
player, so he can finally, at long last *see* the dvd he paid for.

He could have watched it some weeks ago on my system, but he wants to 
see it at home.  How unreasonable!  Anyhow, after I ripped it with 
Acidrip, it came right up on an .avi format, all in the same format. 
So, question, anyone know what sort of format plays from a cd to a dvd 
player (I am happily willing to lose the menus)

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