Is SoundBlaster Audigy 2 value chip=0x00081102 yet?

Michael C. Shultz ringworm01 at
Fri Mar 25 07:38:36 PST 2005

On Friday 25 March 2005 04:04 am, Yuriy Tsibizov wrote:
> >Using the driver from
> >You can add your chip ID from unsupported to supported, and give
> >it a try. Still dont get your hopes up, i'd say you have 1% chance.
> No chance, really.
> >I had bought some latest soundblaster, i thought it had emu10k
> >chips, but it had audigy LS. I fixed it by getting a supported(read:
> >older) card.
> Please, please don't move IDs from unsuppoterted to supported list!!!
> These new cards are based on different chipset (_NOT_ emu10k1 or
> emu10k2).
> Yuriy.
Yurily, I suppose as you are the author of   emu10kx I'll defer to your 
judgement.  I wish you had time to continue developing your driver,
it would make FreeBSD a better system if newer soundcards were 
supported.  Any chance you have a data sheet for an Audigy 2 Value
sound card?  If so I'll take a shot at adding it to  emu10kx otherwise
this brand new card gets donated to my neighbors's Window's machine
and  I live without sound for awhile :(


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