adding a directory to a CD-image (.iso)

Stuart Barkley stuartb at
Fri Mar 18 10:54:22 PST 2005

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 at 15:02 -0500, Mikhail Teterin wrote:

> I donwloaded an .iso-image (Solaris 10, actually), which is about
> 2.7Gb.
> Before burning it to a DVD, I'd like to add a directory to the
> image. Is there a way to do it with tools available on FreeBSD --
> mkisofs, growisofs, etc?
> I don't want to recreate the main image from scratch, as I'm sure,
> I'll get the options wrong and it will not boot :-) Can I just add a
> directory to the existing iso8859 filesystem?

I have not done this but think you should be looking into making a
multi-session DVD.  This should be easy.

Method 1 (should be easy and direct):

Just burn the original DVD image with growisofs in multi-session mode
(the default):

    growisofs -Z /dev/dvd=image.iso

You should then be able to directly add your new files with:

    growisofs -M /dev/dvd -R -J /more/files

Method 2 (probably more appropriate for a CD image):

Use mkisofs to create a second session .iso file.  Something like:

    mkisofs -o second.iso -C <something> -M image.iso -R -J /more/files

You might need to burn the first session and use burncd/cdrecord or
something to get the magic numbers for the -C option.

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