Kevin Downey redchin at
Thu Mar 17 07:38:19 PST 2005

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 16:57:32 -0500, Mathew Kanner <mat at> wrote:
> On Mar 16, Kevin Downey wrote:
> > So, I got this cheap old used microsoft gamepad of some
> > kind(sidewinder?). It plugs into the "game port" on the sound card. I
> > figure all I will have to do is kldload a module or few to get it
> > running. So kldload joy and nada. Does device joy need to be in the
> > kernel? is joy.ko just a siren's song of impossibilities to lure the
> > ignorant?
>         Been a long time since I've though about joy.  Anyway, I seem
> to recall that you need a hint to enable joy since it's ISA and not
> PNP.  Is it there?  Is it commented out?  (Away from my freebsd
> machine)
>         --Mat

I see.
I have not found a device.hints line for joy. Well, I have found
several "suggested" joy device.hints lines such as:"pci0""isa"
I found these while mucking around with google. Now I am pretty sure
the ISA deal is not the way to go because, well, its a pci sound card.
But I have tried both of them anyway. Next I will try put device joy
in the kernel(instead of kldload joy). Now looking around in the BIOS
has lead me to associate the string "200-207H" with the gameport, and
it seems like this might be something useful, but gosh, I dunno.

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