SiS7012 AC'97

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Tue Mar 8 20:45:57 GMT 2005

A friend of mines have a problem with setting up her sound under FreeBSD

She has a SiS 7012 Audio Accelerator (onboard soundcard)
and if she makes a new kernel with the lines:

device sound
device "snd_ich"

and she compile & run the kernel.
the soundcard will be found, but after she starts X she hears the start
sound of KDE but then she doesn't have sound, if she plays mp3's or does
Test sound under KDE Control Center (at sound and multimedia) she doesn't
hear that either

now she compilled a new kernel with only

device sound

and put the lines


in /boot/loader.conf
it wont be loaded after looking in some mails from the mailinglists i
found out to put


in the /boot/loader.conf

now she has the same problem like before

she hears the sound when she start X with kde and then the sound doesn't
work anymore

can anybody help her? please?



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