ogle on freebsd 5.3

Chris Conn cmc3list-bsd at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 1 04:02:25 GMT 2005

Alistair Sutton wrote:

> I've tried it a few times and never got it to work. I can think of two
> possible reasons for this:
> 1) There are messages like 
> "WARNING[dvd_gui]: add_keybinding(): No such action: 'SaveScreenshot'
> WARNING[dvd_gui]: add_keybinding(): No such action: 'SaveScreenshotWithSPU"
> when ogle is started

Thanks Alistair

I figured out later that the screenshot (i and I keys) work fine
in the client version (ie no gui), so the problem must be in the gui.

The client version isn't bad, keys work pretty well!

Chris Conn
Austin, Texas, USA

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