tamper proofing audio

jason henson jason at ec.rr.com
Mon Jun 27 22:54:14 GMT 2005

Tim Aslat wrote:
> Hi All,
> can anyone tell me if it's possible to tamper-proof an audio recording
> in such a way that it can still be played on a normal audio CD player?
> I'm not worried about the recording being copied, but I am worried
> about it being modified and want to guard against it.  Its for a voice
> recorder project in a lawyers office where they want to be able to
> prove conclusively that a certain audio recording was made on a
> specific machine and hasn't been tampered with.  I understand that it
> is impossible to make anything completely tamper-proof, but I would
> like to make it at least difficult for someone to do without some very
> substantial resources and skills available to them.
> The recording unit is a standalone PC running FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE, and
> it would be nice not to have to change that.
> Please contact me off-list with details.
> Cheers
> Tim
Put a unique id string or the like in the center of the disc when it is 
pressed or made that burners can not write to.  You will have conclusive 
prove if the disc in question is a fake or authentic, unless the other 
guy has a cd press too.

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