MPEG-4 capture cards

Tim Aslat tim at
Mon Jun 6 04:36:42 GMT 2005

Hi All,

Is anyone using any MPEG-4 hardware encoding capture cards under
Freebsd?  I'm looking at using one for a security application and was
wanting to know other people's experiences and recommendations.  I've
had a bit of a look around and found a company in the UK
( who have a couple of cards which may do
the trick nicely, but there only seems to be windows compatibility, no
Linux/BSD support at all.

The hardware MPEG-4 support is a preference.  Currently I'm using a
Hauppauge PVR-350 but that only produces MPEG-2 streams, which are a
little too large for my liking.

If anyone has any better recommendations, I'd be be happy to hear them.

Please reply on the list (unless people think it's not important to
archive the findings)



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